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Guild Wars Suggestions[edit]

Minimum Experience[edit]

Now I know this suggestion my irk those pre-searing exceptionals that have gotten the Legendary Defender of Ascalon title, but let's face it... you've had 4 years now to be special. I think making it just a smidgen easier to get experience couldn't do too much harm. I think instead of the minimum for killing creatures of 5 levels lower than your current level being zero, it should be 1 point... or maybe 5. Doesn't have to be much, just something so that a pre-searing character who has been at it for a long time can get something for it without resorting to extremes like death leveling. Not that it would stop the death leveling technique, just offer an optional albeit just as time consuming alternative.

PvE Balthazar Faction Points[edit]

Currently the only real way to get Balthazar points is through PvP (although Zaishen Coins can be used to purchase some). My thought is why not get a few points per monster kill in PvE. It wouldn't have to be much, even 1 point per kill would do. That way PvE players could accumulate Balthazar point and be able to purchase keys, etc.

Granted the Zaishen Challenge Quests have mitigated the need for this, but I think it is still a good idea.

would have to have a minimum lvl limit tho, or what would stop a high lvl person from just going to a low lvl place with lots of enemy's and just farming bath faction super fast

Scrying Pool Model Viewer[edit]

Turn the Scrying Pool into a model viewer. It could display a rotating view of either monsters encountered or killed previously. Perhaps even include heroes, mini-pets, green-items, and armor that have been unlocked/acquired.

It could list stats of the particular item, and run through different available animations. It would be a nice way to get a closer look at the artwork in character/creature models that mostly get missed since you're too busy killing the monsters to notice.

Guild Wars 2 Suggestions[edit]

Visual Style[edit]

I'm hoping that with the Asura's influence for hundreds of years, that the Guild Wars 2 world can include some steampunk elements. A nice blend of fantasy, steampunk, magic, and technology. As long as the design is driven by the artists, it should be great no matter what.