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Guild Wars Suggestions[edit]

Here is a brief compilation of some of my suggestions for Guild Wars. Some are suggestions for new content, others for game fixes or minor annoyances.

Shadow/Celestial Armor[edit]

Armor of the Gods. Once all 20 elite armor types are unlocked on an account and displayed in the Hall of Monuments, a special merchant appears there that will craft the armor.

A player can choose to craft one set of this prestige armor. Once the armor is crafted for one character, no further sets can be made for that account. Cost is the standard 15k plus various crafting materials.

When purchased the armor appears to be nothing more than dull plates, straps or cloths (depending on class) and will remain so until it is either consecrated or cursed; the player selects which variant below when making the choice.

Celestial variant[edit]

Consecrated by Glint upon completion of a Master level solo quest. Shines with rainbow hues as player moves and occasionally gives off animated light.

Shadow variant[edit]

Cursed by Palowo Joko upon completion of a Master level solo quest. Wispy black flames occasionally envelop the armor, giving it an animated, shadowy appearance.

Other variants possible[edit]

Demon, Torment, Menzies, etc.

Team Morale[edit]

In keeping with the the current trend of encouraging more balanced play, I came up with a simple concept to encourage PVE parties to vary their team roster, and to encourage the recruitment of some of the lesser-used classes.

Guardians of Tyria[edit]

Slayer's Insight.jpg Each player gets a +3 armor bonus for every non-hero, non-henchman player in the party.


The overall effect of this would be to encourage the use of human parties by providing a small, cumulative bonus, while still allowing players to utilize heroes and henchmen with no penalty incurred.

Some skills and spells (such as wards) already allow bonuses to armor, and whether these would stack or not remains to be determined.

Heroes of Tyria[edit]

Hunter's Insight.jpg Each player gets a +3% damage bonus for each unique primary class in the party.


The overall effect of this would be to encourage class variation within parties, and attempts to move players away from creating single class parties dependendent on either a single class skill or gimmick build. It also encourages recruitment of some of the lesser used classes in the game.

Certain in-game effects (such as Lightbringer) already allow for a cumulative damage bonus, and whether this bonus would stack here remains to be determined.

Fort Aspenwood[edit]

A great competitive mission. Involves playing with tactics, so if you enjoy that sort of thing then it can be quite fun. Unfortunately the mission has its share of bugs and loopholes, with each side claiming the other has the advantage.

However with the latest update to the Ritualist's spirits, the advantage right now seems to be on the Kurzick side. So in the continuing effort to rebalance the playing field, its time to make the Siege Turtle a bit more of a feared adversary once again. Additions or revisions are in italics.

Siege Turtle Attack[edit]

Siege Turtle Attack.jpg

Skill. Enemies within the blast area take 80 damage and lose one effect. Target foe takes 250 damage and is knocked down for 3 seconds. If stationary, that foe loses all effects and is knocked down for 5 seconds.

concise description

Skill. Deals 80 damage and loss of one effect to foes in the blast area. 250 damage to target foe and knockdown for 3 seconds. Target stationary foe loses all effects, knockdown for 5 seconds.


This fix attempts to address a number of loopholes with blocking the Siege Turtle's path or othwerwise rendering it harmless.

Exploiting the Siege's 'blind spot'

Players who stand in a certain spot safely inside on the wall will now get knocked down for 5 seconds and stripped of effects, enough time for the siege to remove the offender on its next hit.

Defy Pain

More difficult for players to delay the Siege indefinitely.


While still a good defense strategy that should remain in play, perpetual bonders will now be penalized a bit more than normal.

'The Hopper'

Players who attempt to dance around the siege, remaining just outside of aggro to delay it indefinitely. These players will now be knocked down for 3 seconds.


If you have any comments or suggestions (or gripes) about anything on this page please post to the discussion page.. thanks!