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This is a list of compiled suggestions from various fan forums with a few additions of my own. I might include more detailed explanations and reasoning later on.

Update: I will split thi into GW1 and GW2 suggestion later on and add any worthwile suggestions from Gailes suggestion pages. I will also try to add more info and reasoning where needed.

Most of these suggestions would just turn GW into a WOW Clone. Not to mention making one of the most balanced games in history horrible to play, good laughable read.


  • Allow defining a name for your account (the hero battles account name) to be displayed along with your character names in firend/guild member lists. This is for easier identification of friends / guild members who don't use a naming scheme for their characters. If you're in a big guild or have a large friends list it's really hard to keep track of all the names.
  • Add more sorting options in the character selection screen and allow manual sorting


  • Individuality
    • No hair color limitations according to profession in creation screen
    • Fat/slim (slider or switch) at character creation
    • Wardrobes in Guild Hall (fees)
      • Town clothing
      • Jewelry
      • Customize character looks after creation
  • Enhanced storage
    • Individual storage for each character
    • Armor set storage
    • Key storage
    • Collector item storage
  • Easy item swapping between your characters
    • Open inventories of all your characters simultaneously with a button (F9?) in the guild hall

Parties (groups)[edit]

  • Party member energy bars
  • Show the selected party members drawings on the minimap with a slightly different color
  • Ability to move players up/down in the party member list (in outposts)


  • More guild member ranks (customizable by guild leader)
  • Customizable cape length
  • Fees
    • 100g to quit from a guild
    • 100g to kick a player from the guild
  • Guild Halls
    • Guild emblem to the guild hall flags
    • Storage
      • Guild credits


  • Each player can specialize in one of his skills (+1 to the corresponding attribute when using that skill, change only possible in towns/outposts)
  • AoE spells could be targeted on anyone. Enemies, friends and allies
  • Show the positions of set traps on the ground to the trapper
  • Skills which use 2 attributes
    • Cross-class skills, which benefit from having attribes of 2 specific professions
  • Automatically interrupt skills immediately when the target becomes invalid


  • Weapon upgrades with bigger bonuses, but also a penalty
  • Customizing shields
  • Splitting item stacks should be possible in every window
  • Ranger weapons for other attributes than Marksmanship
  • Add a glowing and dyeable weapon of each weapon type. We have the Chaos Axe, but why don't Storm Bows/Eternal Bows/Ghosly Staffs/Eternal Shields/Crystalline Swords/... dye so nicely?
  • When you find a weapon with an upgrade you could, instead of salvaging it, take it to a weapon smith. You lose the item, but after this any weapon smith can upgrade any of your customized items with that upgrade for a fee. It might also be possible to bring upgrades already salvaged to the weapon smith. The upgrades made by the weapon smith should not be salvagable.
    • OR a weapon upgrade trader
  • Collectors items need to be a different color to separate them from uncommon items.
  • Only make items dropped for you public if you leave, never when you are still in the instance.
    • OR Add a menu with choices: 1) Make items public when I leave. 2) Make items public for people in guild/friends list when I leave. 3) Make items public normally.
  • Add equipable items which prevent you from attacking. Something like the Scepter of Orr in the Sanctum Cay mission.


Game play[edit]

  • Charm animal
    • Combine Charm Animal and Comfort Pet
    • OR move the resurrect from Comfort Pet to Charm Animal and enchance the healing ability
  • Modify the skill recharge time after using Comfort Pet and after your pet dies depending on your beast mastery attribute
  • Have more pets for a character
    • A pet window listing all you pets
    • An animal handler at the Guild Hall to keep your other pets
    • OR make Charm Animal work as a Signet of Capture, so each pet is listed as a new 'skill'
  • Pet statistics screen
    • Stats, evolution stage, name changing, etc
  • Damage done to the pet shown to the owner
  • Resurrection Signet should be able to be used on pets
  • Pet upgrades and items
    • Armor, 'weapons', collar, etc
  • Ability to give orders to the pet (flag?)


  • Customize the look of the pet
    • Dyes and items
  • Emotes
    • /rollover /chasetail /petrest


  • /minionname to assign a name to be used for all of your minions instead of the default one (minion type shown after the name). This would show clearly which minions are yours.
  • Ability to give orders to the minions
  • A minion control box for easily selecting and maintaining your minions.


  • Simplify managing heroes to remove the need of countles hours of solo playing to level them up and equip them.
    • Heroes should always have the same level as the player
    • The starter weapons given with the heroes should improve automatically with the level of the heroes to prevent the need for searching for perfect weapons

Cities, outposts and arenas[edit]

  • Relocate the Storage at many outposts to shorten play time used running in outposts
  • Role-playing districts


  • Close low level arenas for a player after advancement to certain areas on the world map to prevent abuse of high level armor
    • OR have armor limits on the low level PvP arenas
  • Option to unlock skills in the PvP character creation screen with Balthazars faction
  • Option to change the pet type from elder to hearty or dire



  • Timestamps (on/off)
  • A new channel for game messages (item drops, favor, level gaining, ...) so that they can be turned off
  • Show drops assigned to henchmen and heroes
  • Saving chat to a text file
  • Whispers to and from you in a new color
  • Show a shorter 'player is away' -message so that it only takes 1 line in the chat
  • Option to resize the chat window width smaller. The channel buttons on the top could be on different lines
  • A sound effect when you try to type a character in the chat box, but you have already reached the maximum amount of characters. It is irritating to write a long text and then notice that it wasn't written at all.
  • Separate buffers for the different chat channels and whispers, so that overwhelming spam on one channel doesn't remove the text from other channels from the memory


  • Add a character notebook
  • Add the option for transparency to the [u] map.
  • List of completed quests
  • Profession and level of the player in the guild list when the mouse is hovered over the player name
  • A preview window for armor before crafting (With color choices)
  • A quick button for the storage window
  • Ability to hide the party window in outposts
  • Add a ready/not ready -button to the party window in outposts to show who is ready to go and who not. Same location and size as the button which opens the hero window.
  • Show pets in the party window when in outposts
  • Different UI skins
  • Add the last logged in information to the friends list like it is in the guild member list
  • Possibility for custom categories in the friends/ignore lists
  • Add the option for comments in the friends list. It's hard to remember where you know someone from.


  • A counter to see your progress in removing DP (like recharge on skills)
  • Map pins
  • Arrows on the minimap pointing towards party members not on the map
  • Line at 50% in the health bar
    • OR change the color of the red if health is below 50%
  • Show the whole name of guild and alliance members in gold when in outposts
  • Show the name and guild tag of people in friends list with a differet color (silver, red, orange, ...) when in outposts.
  • Show all info on weapons (range, speed, fly arc, etc)
  • Skipping cut scenes should be individual when possible (end of missions)
  • Audio on/off buttons in addition to the volume sliders
  • Show true energy cost and casting time of skills on the skill bar when moused over (effects of expertise and fast casting)
  • A 'stop'-button, which cancels all of your actions. It should also have a key assigned to it.
  • A mission statistics screen after missions and PvP fights showing statistics of the mission/match.
  • Option to make 'alt' and 'ctrl' on/off toggles
  • Characters age, deaths, experience, etc shown in the login screens information window
  • Add a pop-up warning if you try to sell or trade a customized item or an item in your weaponslot
  • Show also the maximum of health and energy on the bars, not only the current value. Show the regen/degen with a number in addition to the small arrows.
  • Show critical hit damage differently from normal hit damage (a text, larger numbers, ...)
  • A real time clock and an alarm clock for those who have other life than GW
  • GWT (Guild Wars Time) to make agreeing on in-game meetings easier


  • Add titles which are meaningful and helpful to show what you are capable of in the game
    • The Leader title track. You gain a point for this title track each time you successfully complete a mission as a party leader with atleast half of the maximum slots filled with human players.
    • Profession specific titles, for example "Healer" for monks or "Minion Master" for necros, each gaining points by unique means. For example the Minion Master title could increase by the amount of damage dealt by your minions and spells affecting the minions.
  • More titles
    • Experience title track
    • Skill title track (same as the elite skill title track, but for normal skills)

Game play[edit]

  • Toggle on/off targeting allies/enemies with a button
  • Henchmen pick up gold and move away from AoE and dangerous terrain
  • Gold divided automatically instead of dropping to the ground
  • Show a claim items window ALWAYS after changing area, not just after missions. People can prevent you from picking up drops by walking through a portal.
  • Summoned creature and pet orders
  • Aggro range a ball, not a tube which reaches to the skies and to the depths of earth
    • Traps, AoE and monster attacks shouldn't affect different levels (bridges)
  • Toggle walk/sprint
  • Continue following a player even after catching up with him. Stop if either player is attacked or attacks.
  • Infuse the player, not the armor


  • Marriage and other relations
  • Monster spawning more random in normal explorable areas
  • Mail/messaging system
  • Add the missing realms of the gods
  • Instances with random generated maps
  • An area reachable with maptravel with constant monster waves. You have to survive 1 hour of monster waves to receive rewards. All the players at the area are allied.


  • Auction houses / Trading halls / Other trade improvement
    • Get people to use the 'p' window for trading and party forming
    • Generate an easy link to the item description when selling items in the 'p' window to encourage its use, similiar as the ability to call out skill templates to the chat. Image:ItemLinkingSystem.jpg
  • More gold sinks


  • Seasons and day/night
  • Weather
  • /kiss /hug /prepare
  • /sleep as an away command
  • Friends and ignore lists larger
  • Players automatically placed in the same district as their guild members, unless otherwise specified
  • Allow characters to buy things using money directly from the storage
  • An option to have a click of the right mouse button to turn the mouse-look on/off instead of holding the right mouse button pressed
  • Option to turn on high quality graphics for other players' characters, not only yours
  • Control-clicking a used/recharging skill to give a message '<Skillname> is used/recharging'
  • Anti-scam interface for running business. Something that automatically moves money from the runned to the runner when certain places are reached.
  • Allow chat during cinematics. Possibly disallow team chat to prevent people yelling to those who don't skip.
  • Set a players status automatically away after being idle for a long time. Set him back to online when he does something. Web site[edit]

  • A page on the web site for things currently under work.

Bad suggestions[edit]

These are suggestions and hopes of some/many players which are bad and should not be implemented.


  • Name changing (a fee, only after ascension/weh no su/etc, logs of name changing stored on anets servers for tracking reported persons, a limited amount of changes (1-2))
Although this is the best version of all of the name changing ideas, changing names would make things unnecessarily hard and complicated for the players.
  • Enhanced storage
    • Full bags to storage
Not easy to implement and definitely not easy for the players. Finding stuff would be way too complicated, and hamsters like me would have millions of piles of unnecessary stuff. Special storage tabs like the crafting material tab and extra tabs are the way to go.

Parties (groups)[edit]

  • Party leader can toggle other players minimap drawing on/off
If someone is disturbing you, you don't want to play with him. A button for this would make the party window even more crowded than it is now.

Show all party members drawings on the minimap with a different color.

This would be too confusing. Only the selected party members drawings should have a different color.


  • Level restrictions for armor
Many players like to play with high level armor even on low level characters. There are better ways to stop the abuse of low level arenas.
  • Armor affect movement (Armor weight)
Unnecessary change to the game mechanics.


  • Increase level cap, maximum armor or maximum stats of items
Making changes to the core mechanics of the whole game would cause a need to modify every skill and high level area in the game. Increasing any of these doesn't give the players much and the intent of the game is to allow everyone to reach maximum fairly quickly.
  • A true 3D world instead of 2D.
This would require a complete rewrite of the game engine.


  • Taxes. A portion of the gold traded between players should be taken away as a tax.
People with multiple accounts would just love this, wouldn't they. And people buying/selling expensive stuff.