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Hey everyone! Feel free to comment or add any suggestion here (I hope you won't do anything...bad or it will be deleted xD)


Race specific skills[edit]

I know it has been posted but I want to add some ideas to this topic:

-They should be a couple of profession common skills accessible for any race (ok, most of the skills should be like these). For example: D-shot can be trained for any Ranger from any race and it will have the same effect, no cares the race.

-They should be a couple of profession common skills accessible for any race but depending of the race they do a different effect. Example: D-shot again

Asura-->D-shot interrupt the foe. If it was casting a spell it is disabled for X seconds (more than GW D-shot). Hits for only Y damage (less than GW D-shot)
Charr-->D-shot interrupt the foe. If it was casting a spell it is disabled for X seconds (less than GW D-shot) and target begins bleeding. Hits for only Y damage
Human-->Current D-shot
Norn-->D-shot interrupt the foe. If it was casting a spell it is disabled for X seconds (less than GW D-shot). There isn't any damage penalization or they have it but inflict dazed for 3 seconds
Sylvari-->D-shot interrupt the foe. If it was casting a spell it is disabled for X seconds (less than GW D-shot) and target is crippled (if you look at GW D-shot icon you will understand why).Hits for only Y damage

-Some race specific skills (less number than others).

Exceptions--> Charr and maybe Sylvari
-At the beginning of Prophecies Charr use a "mysterious" kind of magic to break The Wall. For this we can think that Charr use magic in a different way than other races so they should have more race specific skills than others, spells and attacks.
-Sylvari are new creatures in GW world so we don't know how they see it and manipulate magic. Maybe they will use the magic in the same way than other races or they unique vision of life makes them use it different. In case that they use it different they should be like Charr, with more race specific skills than other ones.
Note that for having more race skills they will access to less common skills.

Beginning and mission/story progression[edit]

Each race starts at their "main town" and do different missions until, for example, they reach to one city that acts like Lion Arch or Kaineng for us in GW (Kamadan not because it's not far of the game starting point). When a player reach there they can go to other race "main towns" and do their missions (and some quests) and they can continue doing mission progression, but from that city all missions are common to all races. This idea can become invalid if ANet decides to change mission mechanics, but it would be nice to have race "main towns".

Special events[edit]

Everyone loves Wintersday and Halloween, etc...but I feel that they are concentrated at certain months and the rest of the year is empty. A solution: introduce a new festival at summer but not based on a real one, a festival that only exists in GW2 (and GW if ANet likes a lot the idea) to celebrate, for example, that 250 years before the Old Heroes of Tyria liberated the world killing the Great Destroyer and to honor the Dwarves, who's sacrifice helped in that task.


GW bosses are easy to kill in comparison with my idea of a boss. GW kind of bosses must be maintained but they should be added some super bosses (one per area). The idea is practically the same as dungeon final bosses but unlike them, they are not in dungeons and they have to be difficult to kill (a lot of armor, high HP) making them impossible to kill with a non prepared team (and nearly impossible for one prepared, doing them a to fight a long time). To take advantage of GW2 open world, players can organize a boss raid in cities: a lot of players (in parties or not, the advantage of the party is that some players can coordinate their movements) going to kill the super boss, making a fight of 20-30 minutes for one party to no more than 5-10min depending of the number of persons that join the raid.

Let's go to define how the super bosses should be:

-Very high HP
-Very high armor
-Only monster skills, maybe with one or more non-monster skills (non elite, players CAN'T cap any elite skill from super bosses, and the easiest way to make it possible is that super bosses don't have elites or their elite is a monster skill)
-High drops
-Special drops that are really rare (with characteristics that other drops can't have)
-Each super boss should have an special skill that is always active (examples: immunity to fire damage, poison cloud around the boss created by him,...)
-Each super boss should be weak to something, this thing will do more damage against it that any other source but not enough to make the fight much more easy or instead of damage could gain a debuff. Examples: reduced resistance to water damage, each time the super boss is crippled it attacks 50% slower for X seconds,...

Undead issues[edit]

Maybe some players already know before I say it what is this topic about. Undead, as their name says, are dead creatures in the living world. I always find a little bit estrange that their could be healed, I think that healing skills should damage them, as they restore their lives (remember, their are dead, to kill a dead, make him live). In the other side, life stealing skills shouldn't work on undead as they don't have any life. With the fact that if ANet introduce this mechanics undead won't have any way to restore HP life stealing could be used to "heal" them: it will be interesting if undead use the same skills to kill players and to heal them selves.

Working on adding more ideas[edit]

I apologize for my English in general, I know it can be hard to understand it but I do and will do my best to make it as clear as possible.