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Made by Gold Dean


Skull Crack.jpg This user believes violence solves everything.
Union.jpg This user is friends with Abaddon.
Blood is Power.jpg This user is not emo.
Arcane Zeal.jpg This user can't cook.
Pin Down.jpg This user shoots himself in the foot.
Golden Fox Strike.jpg This user shoots lasers out of his nipples.
Endure Pain.jpg This user has stuff growing on his back.
Defy Pain.jpg And his chest too.
Ancestor's Visage.jpg This user will look like this someday.
Mending Refrain.jpg This user doesn't like the heat.
Pestilence.jpg This user likes to persuade people to do what he wants.
Shadow of Fear.jpg This user is right behind you.
Battle Rage.jpg This user is a Jedi.
Reaper's Sweep.jpg This user likes to sweep the UW with a broom.
Healing Touch.jpg This user gets poked frequently.
Frenzy.jpg And he doesn't like it.
Cry of Frustration.jpg This user yells for no reason.
Foul Feast.jpg This user likes to eat junkfood.
Wearying Strike.jpg This user needs to improve his posture.
Shame.jpg This user can't believe how stupid people are sometimes.
Palm Strike.jpg STOP!
Mighty Blow.jpg Hammer Time!
Tease.jpg This user will do anything for money.
File:"Victory is Mine!".jpg This user likes to laugh.
Earth Shaker.jpg This user plays in the mud.
Unholy Feast.jpg This user brushes his teeth.
Pious Renewal.jpg This user lifts weights.
Feigned Neutrality.jpg This user has people looking for him.