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Hi. I'm gladiator.

  • IGN's
PvP: Gladiator Pvps, Gladiator Phd, Gladiator Signet, Gladiator is Bad
PvE: Gladiator of Doom, Gladiator of Divine, Dr Gladiator, Gladiator Freaks
  • primarily a GvGer, always looking to improve.
  • Current Guild
Pretty much whatever I want to be in. [RIP],[meh],[VoD],or member guesting. Why am I even updating this?
I guest/pug in random guilds when grad school isn't taking over my life or I'm too busy having a life.
  • Currently I've got 2 guilds named after me. Had 3, but my Mom really isn't a guy.
  • People I like
Rich,Caleb,Winters,Mantis,Secret,Daek,Seamus,Wood,Korean,Brock,Wolfy,Crazi,Josh,Gigs,Gori,Vayden,Lucy,Pluto,Mateo,Rosie, and probably a ton of other people I'm missing (hell add yourself for all I care).

  • Past Guilds that matter
Just a Minor Reform [meh]
Turtle Tech [VoD]
Bad Americans [Am]
Monkey Island [Mi]
Xxx The Final Thrust Xxx [RIP] (and consequently Dark Saints [DS])
Ran flags and midlined some when I was around, got top 10, but pro at failing. Stayed in top 50 mostly.
At the Top [Apex]
Midline, top 100
The Best Guild in the Game [Best]
Got here from my brief stent in Laptop Superheros [LS]
Leveled up a warrior from lvl 1 to lvl 2. It was good times
Caleb Kane Fanclub [CK]
remake of DaWg version 1.0
Stopped taking GvG really that seriously. Had way too much fun. Tons of talent, just more fun to play stupidly.
Frogs in the Ghetto say moo [DaWg]
The original, not what was remade. The one that had decent players in it. Cracked top 100 but drama happened.

  • Past guilds that don't matter so much
Kitchen Utensilz [KUtz]
Guild that I came to after taking a 6 month break.
Broke top 50 with FC air, then went balanced and crashed.
Primary monk because I'm pro at boon prot.
Valient Knights [VAL] and [vKn]
Came to this guild after my first guild went inactive following a fellow guildy from GRT
They were primarily a PvE guild when I played, and I started to stop playing.
They then started to become pro bloodspikers in HA, but I was inactive enough at this time to not realy care.
Stop playing because of real life
Gorgies Roll Tight [GRT]
First guild after release. Made up of people who we could stand from oNEo from BWE's
GvGed mostly, pretty much were midrange. Hoverered around 100-200 range.
Northern Empire [oNEo]
Guild I played with in during BWE's
was pve mostly until UAS button, then discovered the joy of GvGing.