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My suggestions for Guild Wars[edit]

Guild Window[edit]

What to change: On the members page, right of the "online/offline since" would be a perfect spot for another column, which displays how long the member is already part of this guild, measured in the same way as the offline-since-entries.
Reason: New members would be able to easily find out who to address for certain quesions in the case no Leader and Officers are online. Sure, you can figure it out for every single member on your own, but this takes time and is usually not done. Overall this would give a lot of questions a chance to be answered on time, since it kind of gives the member a new tool to help him direct his or her questions to the right people.
--Golgarit Raven 09:38, 17 June 2009 (UTC)

Temple of Balthasar and Main Cities[edit]

What to change: It would be a good thing to introduce a new NPC giving out latest news. I personally would consider a newspaper boy from the Monastery Gazette (the one Shing Jea Sherman writes for) slowly walking about, shouting (using /roar or /wave) the usual phrases. When one clicks on him, he could report the latest GW related news to people.
Example for todays hot topics would be "Xunlai Order under pressure: Recently the Corsairs managed to capture a ship delivering the famous Xunlai Rewards! Priests of the order state to "just wait a few days until we get the next shipment". Read more (external link to support notes)".
Reason: Obvious, to cut down constant questioning spams on hot topics, loosening up the discussions on them with a little humor. when there's nothing to report on, one could give him a few funny lines, and add something like "(no important news)" at the very end.
--Golgarit Raven 09:50, 22 June 2009 (UTC)