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As most of you will know before EoTN was released plans of another campaign being Utopia were cancelled, now admitting that there probably will be enough on the plate for ArenaNet in terms of GW2 I thought this might be a fairly good idea to consider for them to do in celebration of the release of GW2.

The Lost Class[edit]

While reading the article on the cancelled campaign (Utopia) I read something about a "Chronomancer", of which is typically a time mage.

Immediately I guess some of you can probably guess where I am going with this, but I would appreciate you hear out the concept.

Essentially the basics of the idea would be another bonus pack, a pack allowing Players to have access to this class, now to me when I look at the initial sketches they look very machine like, this lead me to the idea of them possibly being some form of creation, with the creator belonging to a powerful race e.g. the Asura (Well that's who I would imagine would create them).

My Idea for Application of the Chronomancer[edit]

Now obviously for the creator to be Asura this would mean the player must at least have EoTN, however I also say the Asura because they are more likely to not know of the events before the Destroyers pushed them to the surface.

This would leave an excellent way of introducing the Chronomancer, I say this because the tutorial behind the class can be as basic as this:

Upon the defeat of the Great Destroyer the Asura turn their full attention to their situation, wanting to improve their knowledge of the world around them the Asura task a scientist to gather accurate information about the world and its past, particularly about the stories that have been told to them of the Lich Lord, Shiro and the dark God Abaddon.

Hence the Asuran scientist already being efficient at creating Golems begin to attempt to construct a method of manipulating time, eventually leading to the creation of the Chronomancer, the Asuran Scientist tasks this new found creation to Travel back and view the stories first hand reporting back to him after each campaign with a first hand view (how this will be done I am not sure due to the books unless he can extract the knowledge magically or something).


Now obviously being a new creation skills would probably not be taught/bought but all be created/learned, this could be solved for example through the following methods:

Method 1[edit]

The class essentially is given a few skills from the tutorial area and is then sent on their way, being transported to the mission that allows Prophecies characters to move from Pre-Searing to Post-Searing (after first arena fight), this would introduce how skills for this class are acquired; essentially the player completes the quest however on completion the player gets an extra cut scene, in which the Chronomancer witnesses the Searing, and observes the destructive power to gain their first skill of which harnesses the ability of the time mage.

This skill in the case of the Searing may be something like Searing Meteor which would probably work like Meteor Shower but more powerful over a larger area, obviously this would mean this skill would likely be an elite and have a fairly large cool down time, however this would demonstrate how skills for Chronomancers are gained.

You may ask why I used this idea as a method of learning skill unlike the traditional way which would be by capturing, using a tome or buying for skill trainers, obviously part of my argument is stated above, that the Chronomancer is a new class hence it is the first of its kind and can only really learn skills by thinking them up itself, i.e. improvising upon what events it has seen that will have an effect it deems useful for battle or party use.

However when you consider there are 25 Missions in Prophesies, 13 Missions in Factions and 20 Missions in Nightfall. There are plenty of opportunities for possible skills to appear, similarly if you add main quests into the equation there are a great deal more.

I am not suggesting that you will want to give a Chronomancer a skill after every single mission however if you take into account there are over 50 missions in the whole of Guild Wars you can see clearly that 1 skill permission would provide many skills for the class, I think this could be solved in different ways.

one way this may be that certain missions offer certain skills if done in a certain way, i.e. For 1 Mission 3 skills could be made available, if the player completes the mission normally 1 skill is offered, if they also do the bonus 2 skills are offered and if completed in HM with the Bonus completed the player is given 3 skills or 2 skill and an Elite skill. You may argue how can the mission in HM change the amount of skills given, I suggest this would be because in HM the skills are more powerful hence the event being used is now more useful to the Chronomancer and is therefore deemed useful for battle.

Method 2[edit]

If your not so keen on the skill just being given you could use a method that is very similar, the difference being that in the case of standard skills they are just unlocked and can be purchased from you creator as you would normal skills from a vendor. In the case of elite skills a hostile NPC Chronomancer could temporarily be added to an explorable area near where the event occurred, this Chronomancer could be dubbed something as simple as Failed Experiment or Corrupt Chronomancer, the player then captures the skill using signet of capture as normal.


This is the section where I would like you to put your comments on my idea as a way to apply classes like Chronomancer

Arguments For the Idea[edit]

Why this could Work[edit]

It would be a friendly way of applying a class that was going to be used anyway.

It may be great promotional add-on for those who order GW2

It will help give us a Chronomancer Class :)

Arguments Against the Idea[edit]

Why This Might Not Work[edit]

Skills such as the Searing Meteor would probably be too powerful and skills for a class using this concept may be extremely difficult to balance.

It may be difficult to apply a class like this to work with existing classes.

Would this be a suitable secondary profession and would it even work as a Secondary profession

The way in which Guild Wars works may not be suitable for this class. (Possible why the Campaign was cancelled)

This would/may mean Chronomancers must be in GW2

Solutions to Problems Stated Above[edit]

Simple solution to the Chronomancers in GW2, The Chronomancer can travel back as much as he wants but can only travel forward to the point of, as if he did not travel and stayed in present.

e.g. A Chronomancer is created in the year 2000 it goes back to 1900, the Chronomancer eventually spends 1 Years worth of real time, this means the time it can travel forward to is now 2001.

Skill Suggestions[edit]