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Necromancer.png Animatore Dellosso[edit]

Miniature Pig.png Might want to stay away from this users bacon.

this is my main toon that i use. necro with whatever i need at the moment as a secondary. couple thing you should note:

  1. i do not use capitalization and frequently use punctuation in conversational terms rather than in proper grammar structure. get over it. if you cant figure out what im saying or you have an overwhelming urge to act as the local grammar nazi do us all a favor and have a nice big steaming cup of STFU.
  2. yes, i am a guy and yes i use female toons. if i am going to spend hours looking at a video game, id rather look at something that looks half way decent which is not a male character. again, get over it... no one cares about what you think about it.
  3. one of us one of us

Dragons of Winter Night [Tas][edit]

Dragons of Winter Night[Tas]

i am the leader of Dragons of Winter Night. please feel free to contact any of the officers for alliance and/or guild issues.

we are an internationally based guild with active members and open to new members of all experience levels. we mainly run dungeons and PvE stuff, but we do occasionally do PvP stuff.

Miscellaneous Stuff[edit]

Dajkah Run[edit]

Nice job to the rest of my fellow guildies on the dajkah run on 1-23-2010. we got the daily best, top 10 monthly and 26th on the quarterly list!
the members that made the run were:

next stop...#1 monthly best!


it deserves its own sub-section... feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.


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