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Well my GW characters are very balanced , but I use pve and pvp mainly pvp now until GW2 comes out ;] . I pvp whenever I get the chances I only AB to get quick gold but , if you need someone to help you with builds I can help you =] I make builds to test out in AB for fun and to see what I can kill and what I can't. Never have my builds been beaten by less than 2 other builds :]. I used to be one of the players who gave free runs every day to new players but I'm working on secret project builds for GW 2 =] and I'm also earning more platinum for armor to transfer over ^^ so just working on one title for 3 characters =] 2 if I don't have enough time :]. Don't worry I'm sure my builds for GW2 won't be "too powerful" >:D hahaha :p well I have more things to type about GW and GW 2 later ^^ until then hope to see you in the game! =D