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The Hoax[edit]

Power Block.jpg This user is too lazy to make a real user page so he just uses userboxes.
Headbutt.jpg This user has Numchuck Skillz and likes to flaunt it.
Spiteful Spirit.jpg This user is an avid user of Spiteful Spirit.
Predatory Season.jpg This user is a Terrifying Hero.
Peace and Harmony.jpg This user is better than you.
Revive Animal.jpg You are teh crab.
Junundu Smash.jpg If you walk without rhythm, you won't attract the wurm.
Frustration.jpg This user gets frustrated when anyone talks to him.
File:"Victory is Mine!".jpg All your base are belong to us.
Nub Your name should be stupid because your stupid.
35ish This user thinks a lower level cap is in order for GW 2.
Rich-ness This user has a golden sink.
Noob Trash You are Noob Trash.
1337 This user puts his builds on his builds page.
Crole This user is not crole.


Glyph of Renewal.jpg This user has a level 20 Elementalist named The Hoax.
Word of Healing.jpg This user has a level 20 Monk named Crystal Hoax.
Eviscerate.jpg This user has a level 20 Warrior named Red Hoax.
Order of Undeath.jpg This user has a level 20 Necromancer named Captain Hoax.
Ferocious Strike.jpg This user has a level 20 Ranger named Hoaxed Bow.
Zealous Vow.jpg This user has a level 20 Dervish named Reaper of Hoax.