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About Me[edit]

I've been playing GW since its release and I do a mix of both PvE and PvP. I enjoy things such as title acquisition, but repeated farming of the same thing bores me (which is probably why I will never be super rich). I'm currently looking to kill lots of PvE monsters :)

Guild History[edit]

Heroes of the Midnight Crescent [HMC]

Break from Guild Wars

The Crusaders [TC]

Siege Turtles [ST]

Team Fun [FUn]

Moa Birds [MB]

Temporal Flux Reality [acid]

Guildwars Nomads [DAii]

Sylvan Avengers [SA]

Dark Alley [dR]

Guild Wars Characters[edit]

Monk: Divine Ambassador

Ranger: Artemis Bifalmus

Ele: Amphne Titania

Random Green Farming Rit: Spirit Conjuress

Survivor Necro Random Weapons Mule: Necrotic Ambassador

Neglected Warrior Mule: Persey Lightbringer

PvP Ele: Divine Goes Pew Pew

PvP char: Mini Divine

PvP Assassin that holds inscriptions: Divine Sin Pvp

PvP Warrior that holds upgrades: Divine War PvP

Whoever stole my Baby Divine name is evil and should be slaughtered!!!