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About Me:
I've been playing since July, 2007
I mostly play PvE
I live in Minnesota, N.A.
I am currently guild leader of Guild:X Heart
I have a lot left to learn about wiki code


In order of creation (see Inspired Mystic for most significant accomplishments):
Inspired Ranger Inspired Warrior Inspired Magician Lady Comfort Inspired Mystic Inspired Spawn Inspired Angel Inspired Protector Inspired Expert Inspired To Kill Inspired To Play Inspired To Sin
Mesmer/Ranger Mesmer/Warrior Mesmer Elementalist/Ranger Dervish Ritualist MM Paragon Monk Ranger Warrior Ranger Assassin
<font-size:75%>Yes...first three characters were Mesmers. What a n00b I was: I kept figuring out what I should have done better in starting out and so I just started a new character. It also took quite a while before I found out that I would eventually be able to change second profession. Being a packrat makes the storage useful though. <font-size:50%>