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Just some simple suggestion/request.

Armor pieces[edit]

Several Special armor pieces much like the destroyer gloves, example some generic pants *for us who dont like the dervish/paragon skirt* and Margonite wings/mask.

Lower Storage Price[edit]

9 bucks for a storage tab is a bit steep. 5 bucks would be more acceptable, mainly due to the fact that an extra character slot is much more convenient because you get more storage space if you use it as a bank, and you always have an extra character.

Additional Dye-able areas[edit]

Its rather annoying to dye certain items, due to the fact the dye-able area is hardly or simple not noticable.

To fix this, i think there needs to be an aditional dye-able area.

For example the tengu staff. It is dye-able, but it hardly inpacts the model, so why not add the ability to dye the gold staff itself.

Turn the gold into copper or silver, maybe even black chrome.