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Warrior's Endurance.jpg

Warrior's Endurance[edit]

Warrior/Any Enduring Warrior

This build is purely for raw melee damage, no utility at all, except for maybe the always present SY!. Asuran Scan is a bar filler, absolutely a great skill. Enraging Charge is for building adrenaline for Dismember, your only source of Deep Wound. The core of the build is Warrior's Endurance, giving you enough energy to continously spam Scan, Prot's Strike and Power Attack. I actually run this most of the time, usually combined with my Sabway team. When I play my warrior I actually just want to beat up stuff rather than think about which skills to use, and this build is rather brainless.


Protector's Strike.jpgPower Attack.jpgDismember.jpgWarrior's Endurance.jpgAsuran Scan.jpgEnraging Charge.jpgFlail.jpg"Save Yourselves!".jpg



  • Armor with Survivor Insignia's.
  • A headpiece with +1 Axe Mastery.
  • Minor Axe Mastery and Minor Strength runes
  • Decent Axe.
  • Decent Shield.


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