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Battle Rage.jpg

Battle Rage[edit]

Warrior/Paragon Battle Rager

This is the warrior variant of the Imbagon, the infamous paragon-partybuffer. It lacks "There's Nothing to Fear!" and an IAS over the paragon version, but other skills sure make up for that. It also deals a bit more damage because of the warrior's primary attribute. Battle Rage replaces Focused Anger. The bit of speccing in Command is good for "Fall Back!", GftE! and the godliest rez skill in the game. Use FB! when not in a fight to quickly hop from mob to mob. Spear of Fury usage is only allowed when target foe has an actual condition, so that it immediatly recharges Battle Rage.


Battle Rage.jpgSpear of Fury.jpgBlazing Spear.jpg"Watch Yourself!".jpg"Save Yourselves!".jpg"Go for the Eyes!".jpg"Fall Back!".jpg"We Shall Return!".jpg



  • Armor with Survivor Insignia's.
  • A headpiece with +1 Strength.
  • Minor Tactics and Minor Strength runes
  • Decent Spear.
  • Decent Shield.


  • If not playing in a Paraway team where others have Vicious Attack, swap GftE! out for some other Spear Attack.

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