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Skill Customization[edit]

Guild Wars 2 should have a customizable skill option much like the equipment customizations. One of the two following options would fit into my idea:
  • One customizable skill per skill set, just like GW has the one elite skill rule.
  • Every skill in the game is customizable.
So here's the idea. Instead of going to the skill trader to buy whole skills and fighting bosses to capture elite skills, the traders sell parts of skills. Each skill is made up of (Effects) and (Costs). So for example, the skill "Banish" from GW would have the (Effects): Damage: 20+2x [Smiting], Damage Type: Holy, and Special: Double Damage to Minions; and the (Costs) Energy: 5, Cast Time: 1, and Recharge: 10.
Skills with my system would use a point-based balance between (Effects) and (Costs). So using the example above, the 3 costs of "Banish" would have to be equal or more than the 3 effects. Using this system, skills could be customized to the extreme and playstyles would be even more varied.
Example (Effects) and (Costs) include:
  • Damage Type:
    • Holy, Dark, Fire, Water, Piercing, etc...
  • Damage:
    • 20, 50, 10x, 10+5x, other functions of a single attribute.
  • Special Effects:
    • Knockdown, Slow, Haste, Armor+, Armor-, etc...
  • Energy:
    • 5, 10, 15, 5%, 10%, etc...
  • Health Sacrifice:
    • 5%, 10%, 20%, etc...
  • Special Effects:
    • Slow, Exhaustion, Armor-, Half-Ranged Spell, bad effects...
Long story short, each customized skill is a mixture of these (Effects) and (Costs), which each have their own value. Say "Damage: 10x" is worth 5 points, for the skill to be created there would need to be a cost, say "Energy: 10", with a value of at least 5 points. This means that some crazy person with a crazy playstyle could create a skill that had "Damage: 400" and "Special: Hits Adjacent Allies and Enemies" with the balance of "Health Sacrifice: 90%".
With this system our GW2 would easily avoid any form of repetition in gameplay and would decrease the monotony of those people who just google "GW Builds" and select one from a list. This way the character would be unique, the equipment would be unique, and even the skill would be unique.