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Been playing for a few years now and a number of things listed here are things I feel would improve the game


  • More skills for noncore proffesions

Dervish, Paragon, Ritualist, and Assassins should all have the same amount of skills as other proffesions these can include duplicates and varients

  • Communing re-work

Communing is a fail attribute in PvP, and isn't that great in PvE Spirits need to become more robust

(idea) Either health / armour buff or more spirit healing / proteciton skills

eg. Heal spirits: (communing) spell. all spirits within earshot are healed XX ammount of health

Spirit armor: (communing) spell. all spirits within earshot have +100 ar and +X health regen

Make using wonderlust, shelter and other self harming sprits more viable

also, a skill which would increase spirit duration would help too

Maybe a buff to summon spirits as well Heals ....XX and duration of the spirit is reset

or a rework to spawning power to increase the duration of summoned creatures by 2seconds per rank

  • Blood magic re-work

Blood magic is a terrible attribute at the moment Can't be used offensivley in PvE, gets nerfed in PvP to stop B-spikes

(idea) set life stealing to a percentage with a max cap meaning that it cannot be used for a spike and it wont be overpowered in PvE

eg. Vampire Gaze: (blood) spell. steal 10% (max 10...100) of enemies health

Vampire Spirit:(blood) enchantment spell. all blood magic spells steal 0..5% more and an additional 20hp if target is above 50% health

Meaning if you had 8 necros with vampire gaze all used on 1 target if would do

1st [48] 2nd [43] 3rd [39] 4th [35] 5th [32] 6th [28] 7th [26] 8th [23]

leaving the character with just over 200health

stopping blood spikes

means that if can be used effectively against bosses and charcters in hardmode

  • Kurzick/Luxon skills

Let them be used in AB/JQ/FA/

Your fighting for your alliance, should be able to use their skills would make using PvE characters slightly better, without being overpowered

  • Give all max titles PvE effects

Even if they are rubbish; just something to warrant wearing the title


Max Treasure Hunter: gold coins collected in explorable area reward 150% of their amount

LDoA: +5 armor

Legendary Survivor: +50 max health

-Kardiff 14:14, 12 June 2009 (UTC)