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Herro. Hai. Konnichiwa. Whatever. I don't do pages all that much. Don't expect flashy crap.


Ranger/Any - 20|PvE|Longest-living character

Assassin/Any - 20|PvE|Frequented

Monk/Any - 20|PvE|Farming purposes only

Other characters I don't care for.


Vabbian dyed blue atm, black q10 VS [Caster], blah blah blah. I got lucky with the VS, I worked my ass off for the Vabbian. What more can I say?


Longest-living character, four years. Purple Norn, stick to Forgotten Longbow, nothing special.


Used to be a favorite, Tyrian dyed Black. I know, not elite, but it looks better than the rest of the elites. Nothing special beyond that, really. 600/smite-able, 55 monk-able, farming.