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Hello, I am Peter. I am a Guild wars player who Loves the whole plot, except that of Factions to SOME extent. I love the kurzicks and this is why. Togo wants to visit only the Luxons, not both. Anyway...


I have thought of an idea for a skill that hopefully would work in the GW universe and would also hopefully fullfil all ideas for "Ranger Pets"

Change "Rampage as One" to "15 energy, 1 second activation, 120 seconds recharge (if a foe is killed, remove 2 seconds of recharge, if a pet is killed, add 1 second of recharge).(requires Panflute) "Elite Skill, All of your charmed animals ( minimum 1.. max 10) come out from hiding and attack alongside you for 5...20...30 seconds and when this ends, all but your chosen pet return to hiding ( when the pets return to hiding, the recharge starts).( attribute Beast mastery), 50% chance of failing if beast mastery under 7.

and a New Mechanic, Add a ranger pet selection tab, so you can talk to someone in the zaishen menagerie to give you a "Panflute", that would allow you to choose 1 of 10 pets and alternate freely between them. and using this skill above would instantly heal and resurrect any pets on cooldown.