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Lay Pwets Guild wars 2 suggestion page[edit]


I think we should be able to uncustomize weapons that are already customized, this could be a good purpose for traders. You know when you buy a weapon E.G.: A destroyer sword like I did, I bought it for 30k and I wanted to sell it for more money for another character, however, I couldn't because I customized it, I regret it too!. Also when people scam you for customized weapons, its the end of the world for you!. But not if you have a decustomizer, it may also save you a bit of money, Once I bought a green weapon and put it on a character, but then I got bored of the character, but decided to delete it, however, of course I was going to keep the green, but I couldn't sell it, it was customized, damn!, think about it, you NEED a decustomizer.