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Current GW suggestions[edit]

Missing Animations[edit]

Kirin's Wrath and Symbol of Wrath currently lack animation. Other Area of Effect over time skills have some form of animation showing the affected area; Sandstorm has a sandstorm, Savhanna Heat a scortch area, Ray of Judgement a pillar of light. The lack of an animation makes blundering into the Wraths' affect areas easy, and makes them seem underwelming as "cool skills."

PvE vs PvP skills[edit]

Signet of Spirits PvE is NOTHING like it's PvP version. This is awesome. However, several other skills should be reexamined for similar approach. Icy Shackles comes to mind. Single target snares aren't strong enough in PvE to warrent an Elite slot. It's functuality should be different for a PvE version.

Missing Water AoE Elite[edit]

The Elementalist attributes Air, Earth, and Fire Magics all have at least one area of effect Elite skill. Water Magic does not, dispite having an array of AoE skills. Perhaps this would be a good niche for PvE Icy Shackles? An elite Deep Freeze comes to mind.


In Droknar's Forge (Explorable) a player has the ability to craft inscribable weapons without inscriptions. However, for a person who only ownes Prophacies, there are few oppertunities to get said inscriptions. It's time that the inscription system becomes pan-campaign, as the insignia system did. It'd be a massive overhaul, but well worth it.

Missing Elite Armors: A Contest[edit]

Nothing quite matches up the dissapointment of playing a Paragon, Ritualist, Assassin, or Dervish through Prophacies and realizing there is no armor for you. Nor viewing the silly bronze replacement statues in your hall of monuments. Why not have an elite armor skin for every profession for every set? I realize it's a ton of work, but there's an easy way to go about it.

Make it a contest.

People love the Design-a-Weapon contests, and people love looking good. The community would JUMP on a chance to make it's own armor. What does a Paragon's Elite Canthan armor look like? What does Primevil Assassin look like? How about a Mesmer's Elite Exotic? Let the people show you how they look!

Not only would this equilize the horribly unbalenced ammount of Elite armors per profession and give players more insentive to play across campaigns, it'd get players more involved in the game, and that's ALWAYS a plus!