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User-Lord ZepherrLord Zepherr.jpg

"Lets see how long you can burn"

"Spontaneous Combustion: an elementalist's best freind."

"I'm kind of in a meteor mood today, how about you?

"Do not entertain thoughts of beating me, they are hopless and un-realistic."

Lord Zepherr was born unto a Civil war hero from the guild wars, and grew up with Prince Rurik of Ascalon. Ever since he was old enough to walk he could here the voices of the elements in his head. They had bound themselves to him and thus he was gifted with a strong connection to the world. He could feel the pain and frustration of rivers when they were dammed. Hear the screams of the earth when was it dug up to build houses. Feal the touch and laughter of the wind. And hear the murmurings of fire. So when the searign came to ascalon he felt every drop of mind numbing, heart renching pain beign inflicted upon the land. Soon after he tried to reconnect with the lands of Ascalon, but all he found was hatred, blind, unsaciable hatred. The earth had become black, inside and out, and it had forgotten what it once was. It was then that he decided how he woudl use his gift. He would Find a way to heal the hills of ascalon no matter what. And he would hunt down the charr that had crippled his homeland, adn kill any who tried to do teh same anywhere else.

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