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Rawr! Fear me![edit]

August 22, 2012 Wow, it's been so long since I have been on here or even since I have played. I'm sure everything below is now unviable due to changes and what not. I've combed through it and made it a lot less embarrassing.

Hi, my first and best character is Lulu Deathkisser. She is a necromancer from the factions campaign. I have beaten everything but Nightfall so far and Lulu was the one who beat Eye of the North and Factions. My other characters are a Ranger/Monk named Kiria The Hunter, Athia Suthellya a ritualist, and a Monk named I Want Crumpets. All other names are from the many different Pvp Characters that I like to make. I like to Pvp at Fort Aspenwood. I like to take screen shots of Guild Wars. I'm hoping to try and get a pic of everything so that people who don't play the game (and those who do) can see what guild wars is like and places that you see. I call myself the Guild Wars photographer.

Builds I Made and Hopefully Don't Already Exist[edit]

I like making Pvp Builds and I hope that mine will become widely used. =) It's fun.

Most of these are fine the way they are but can do a little better with runes; especially runes that enhance your primary attribute.

Profession with the Brackets, I haven't come up with any of my own yet. Either that, it's a build that everyone knows about or it came from the guide book.

Warrior - 8 Strength, 10 Tactics, 12 Swordsmanship - Sever Artery, Gash, Silverwing Slash, Galrath Slash, Endure Pain, Gladiator's Defense, Signet of Strength, Healing Signet - Meant for: Fort Aspenwood (either side, but more effective on Luxon)

How to use: Prettyy self explanatory. You got your attack skills, all of which are adrenaline based, and your defense stuff. Try using Healing Signet only when you have Gladiator's Defense on when under heavy attack so that you don't loose health instead of gaining any from the -40 armor effect. When Gladiator's Defense is recharging and you need a small boost use endure pain. Make sure to try and keep Signet of Strength on.

Ranger/Assassin - 8 Expertise, 10 Wilderness survival, 12 Dagger mastery - Unsuspecting Strike, Wild Strike, Death Blossom, Jagged Strike, Lightning Reflexes, Storm Chaser, Apply Poison, Troll Unguent - Meant for: Fort Aspenwood (Tried only on Luxon side)

How to use: This one is exactly self explanatory. Unless you have played neither of these professions. Ask around if you haven't or try and figure it out on your own.

Ranger- 10 Expertise, 10 Marksmanship, 12 Wilderness survival - Savage Shot, Point Blank Shot, Keen Arrow, Debilitating Shot, Escape, Troll Unguent, Apply Poison, Whirling Defense - Meant for: Fort Aspenwood (tried only on Luxon side)

How to use: Your a Ranger. No more need be said.

Ranger/Monk - 1 Healing Prayers, 10 Expertise, 10 Wilderness survival, 10 Marksmanship- Savage Shot, Screaming Shot, Power Shot, Prepared Shot, Apply Poison, Troll Unguent, Lightning Reflexes, Renew Life - Meant for: Pve and anywhere where Resurrection Skills are needed.

How to use: DON'T FORGET TO TELL EVERYONE TO SAVE THEIR RES SIGS FOR YOU! YOU HAVE A HARD RES! Spam the poison before you use any attack skills incase there's condition removal (because if there is, chances are there will be 3 of the 4 players poisoned for a few seconds and causes a little presure on healers). Interupt important stuff. Use prepared shot to keep up energy, and don't forget to maintain apply poison.

Monk - 12 Divine, 12 Healing Prayers (Rune of Supior Healing Payers recomended)- Word of Healing, Spotless Soul, Spotless Mind, Patient Spirit, Essence Bond, Mending, Watchful Spirit, Blessed Signet - Meant for: Fort Aspenwood (Luxon Side only)

How to use: All right. This can be pretty simple. This build is meant for you and the turtle only, with a few spells to help out a little with the team. At the beginning cast the three bonds on yourself and use blessed sig to get your energy back up. When the round begins, first thing you should do is use the bonds on the turle. REMEMBER TO KEEP USING BLESSED SIG EVERY 10 SECONDS. The only time you don't have to worry about this is when your party members aren't under a lot of pressure and/or you have plenty of energy. I find if your under heavy attack, especially with hezes and conditions, you run out of energy pretty fast becuse you have a 2 degen of energy. The Kurzicks barely go straight for the turtle and don't see you right away most of the time so essecne bond won't help much in the beginning. If the kurzicks start targeting you, don't sweat it. You have a health regen to cancel out with health degen and conditions and Word of Healing and Patiant spirit can help keep your life up, and still have some time to heal any others, or moer importantly, the turtle. Once your the turtle you have is in the center attack green gate you don't relaly have to worry much if the gate is allready down. the kurzicks are too busy to trying to kill those trying to kill gunther and the gatekeepers but still matintain mending and esscence bond on the turtle. When the other turtle arrives place bonds on that one as well and you may have to stop maintaining those on you. Don't worry you can always heal yourself. At this point (if this point comes) consentraste on your party members best you can while sitll keeping an eye on the turtles (you never know if akurzick or two will break from the rest to try and kill the turtles). I've used this build MANY times in MANY rounds and I'd have to say, combining the turtles and me deaths, thered be probably about 10. So it's a pretty good build for healing and staying alive under pressure.

Necromancer/Paragon - 3 Soul Reaping, 12 Blood Magic, 12 Spear Mastery - Life Siphon, Vampiric Gaze, Vampiric Bite, Spear of Lightning, Barbed Spear, Wild Throw, Blazing Spear, Resurrection Signet. - Meant for: Pve

How to use: Well it's pretty much like any other melle class. Use the blood magic to gain health and the attack skills to do damage. At first it may seem like you don't help the party at all, but until you get used to it (and possibly even die, not be ressed, and forced to watch the battle) you'll realize you do help the party out.

Necromancer/Mesmer - 8 Soul Reaping, 12 Curses, 10 Illusion Magic- Spiteful Spirit, Reckless Haste, Parasitic Bond, Signet of Lost Souls, Conjure Phantasm, Conjure Nightmare, Kitah's Burden, Resurrection Signet. - Meant for: Pve

How to use: Like most of my builds, this is pretty self explanatory and simple to use. This build is concentrated on health degen, mostly. Use Spiteful Spirit and Reckless hast on melle classes only. Paracitic bond is used for healing, so especially in tight binds, spam it if you have to, you'll be healed every 4 seconds after 20 seconds from the first one. Kitah's burden is used for energy and Use the conjure skills on the same target. This can bring a target down fast on its own, especially if it's melle classed.

Necromancer/Paragon - 1 Soul Reaping, 10 Curses, 10 Blood Magic, 11 Spear Mastery- Spiteful Spirit, Parasitic Bond, Vampiric Gaze, Vampiric Bite, Barbed Spear, Wild Throw, Blazing Spear, Awaken the Blood. - Meant for: Fort Aspenwood (either side)

How to use: Pretty much the same as the Pve build. With this build, you count on SS paracitic bond, vampiric gaze, and vampiric bite to do most damage. When used in a chain they take about half of the persons life by the time your done casting them. With the Awaken the Blood on I mean. Without that enchantment you don't do as much damage. The attack skills are meant to help with the rest of the damage. Use the blood and curses whenever you can. Use them even if you have full health. It hurts your target while it heals you.

Necromancer - 12 Soul Reaping, 12 Blood Magic- Vampiric Gaze, Life Siphon, Life Transfer, Signet of Sorrow, Blood Bond, Blood Ritual, Blood Renewal, Demonic Flesh. - Meant for: Fort Aspenwood (Tried only on Luxon side)

How to use: This build is meant to help out your party, especially your monks. Any bonders will love you to death. Use Blood Ritual almost constantly on those who use the most energy, to make sure they have a constant Blood Ritual on them. Blood bond will help with anyone who has lost some health. Try using it on those who are like at 80% or higher to help out the monks with healing. New monks may think they need to keep their party at full health to do a good job and so by healing these small portions you'll be helping out. Demonic Flesh is to raise your max health and Blood Renewal is to heal you for are all the life sacrafising you'll be making. The combination of Life siphon, Life Transfer, Vampiric Gaze, and Signet of Sorrow are great ways to heal yourself as well as kill an enamy. This is another way to aid a team mate by helping them kill the target. Use Signet of Sorrow carefully though. Use it only when you have to, because there can be times when you can spam it. Best places are at the outer gates taking down the last ele, the inner gates taking out the last two standing there.

Necromancer/anything - 12 Soul Reaping, 12 Curses. (It is prefered that you have 16 Curses)- Spiteful Spirit, Reckless Haste, Insidious Parasite, Star Servant (Recieved by Kuunivang), Enfeeble, Weaken Armor , Resurrection Signet


Ritualist - 11 Restoration Magic (Prefered 12), 11 Channeling Magic (prefered 13), 8 Spawning Power (Prefered 9). - Caretaker's Charge, Nightmare Weapon, Wielder's Boon, Weapon of Warding, Essence Strike, Protective Was Kaolai, Ancestor's Rage, Bloodsong.

Monk - 12 Smiting Prayers, 12 Divine Favor. - Smite Condition, Smite Hex, Shield of Judgment, Reversal of Damage. Judge's Intervention, Judge's Insight, Smiter's Boon, Zealot's Fire.

Ranger - 11 Wilderness, 10 Marksmanship, 10 Expertise. - Burning Arrow, Lightning Reflexes, Dust Trap, Favorable Winds, Troll Unguent, Poison Tip Signet, Barbed Arrows, Renew Life.

Henchmen - Sister Tai [Healer Henchman], Redemptor Karl [Protection Henchman], Brutus [Blood Henchman], Sheena [Vile Henchman],

This is to defeat Shiro by yourself. I don't know if I was lucky, so I'm going to have to test it out a few more times. It's pretty simple. If your the necro keep casting your hexes and stuff. Don't worry about energy much. If your not the necro...then just use the build. I could only test the necro.

Mesmer/Monk - 3 Healing Prayers, 12 Inspiration Magic, 12 Fast Gasting - Spirit Shackles, Spirit of Failure, Revealed Enchantment, Signet of Humility, Ether Feast, Ether Phantom, Ether Lord, Resurrection Chant - Meant for: Random Arena

How to use: Well it's pretty much just, STEAL ALL THEIR ENERGY!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA. Be evil. This is great against casters. Melle is just as good, but taking out the monks while they have no energy is a sinch. Another build where it's best for the party to save their res sigs for in case you die. With the fast casting your hard res casts almost just as fast as a res sig, can be used more than one, and also can make you a target. So be careful. You want to make sure to stay to one target and keep either phatom and either lord on the tartget at the same time to creat no energy regen or, in some cases, even energy degen.

Mesmer- 12 Inspiration Magic, 12 Fast Gasting - Spirit Shackles, Feedback, Energy Drain, Signet of Humility, Energy Tap, Ether Feast, Ether Phantom, Ether Lord - Meant for: Pvp where Ressurection skills are not needed.

Simular to the other energy stealing build, this one is the ultimate. It can take even all of an Elementalist's energy pretty quickly. Especially if they just keep casting away.

Elementalist/Ritualist - 12 Restoration Magic, 12 Energy Storage Weapon of Warding, Wielder's Boon, Spirit Light, Mend Body and Soul, Preservation, Recuperation, Life, Flesh of My Flesh - Meant for: Pvp where Resurection Skills are needed.

How to use: It's just like any healer, except with lots of energy. You can still run out of energy if your not careful though. Summon the spirits apart in case there may be AoE.

Assassin - 10 Critical strikes, 10 Dagger Mastery, 11 Shadow Arts - Jagged Strike, Fox Fangs, Critical Strike, Desperate Strike, Wild Strike, Shroud of Distress, Shadow Refuge, Aura of Displacement - Meant for: Fort Aspenwood (either side)

How to use: This build is good to cap mines and command posts with. Although it takes some time and you better hope and pray someone doesn't come along to defend it, you can do it. Just og in, take down one guy, run out of range to recharge, and go back in. With Aura of Displacement it makes it easier to get out of range before your killed.

Ritualise- [[]], [[]], [[]], [[]], [[]], [[]], [[]], [[]].

Paragon/Assassin - 3 Leadership, 12 Spear Mastery, 12 Shadow Arts - Barbed Spear, Cruel Spear, Wild Throw, Unblockable Throw, Shroud of Distress, Shadow Refuge, Death's Charge, Heart of Shadow - Meant for: Fort Aspenwood (either side)

How to use: This is great to move around the field a little, and really nice to get away from or to people while healing yourself.

Paragon - 8 Leadership, 11 Spear Mastery, 11 Command - Spear of Redemption, Blazing Spear, Cruel Spear, Unblockable Throw, "Stand Your Ground!", "Never Surrender!", Anthem of Flame, "Fall Back!" - Meant for: Fort Aspenwood (Tried only on Luxon side)

How to use: Just go in and attack! The command skills are used to heal yourself and get out of trouble. This build is pretty good as long as you are not heavily attacked. But with fallback, you should be able to avoid that.

Dervish- [[]], [[]], [[]], [[]], [[]], [[]], [[]], [[]].