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“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, which is why we call it the present.” ~Master Oogway
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About me...[edit]

My real name is Evan, but it seems I go by many nicknames anymore, of those, Magic is the oldest. I'm 24 years old and currently residing in North East Texas. I'm about to finish up my final semester of college while majoring in Computer Information Systems: Network Administration. Between work and school, I like to either explore on Guild Wars, shoot it up on Halo, or attune myself with nature. I tend to see myself as a free spirit, someone that's open to new paths of thought, expressions, and understanding. I'm generally pretty quiet, yet observant, while I learn about the world around me.

In game...[edit]

I've been playing Guild Wars since the beginning. Bought every campaign as soon as it was released. Out of all game, and to most peoples surprise, I favor Prophecies. I am naturally a Monk who loves to run protection when possible though you can most often find me on my Elementalist. On my account, I've played through the storyline so many times I've memorized the dialogs. My main character, Tristan The Seraph, is almost three years old and has logged over 21,000,000 exp. Overall on my account, I have logged over 10,000 hours of play time. I do not refer to myself as a master nor an elite, but rather you'll hear me call myself a noob. Why? Because, in a game as big as Guild Wars, I seem to learn something new every single day.


Tristan The Seraph [Ele] -- Arewyn The Sage [Ele] -- Eldaron The Divine [Monk] -- Elden The Protector [W]

Kendo The Mercenary [A] -- Ryo The Channeler [Rt] -- Faron The Chanter [P/W] -- Aethor The Druid [R]

Kohda The Mystic [D] -- Kimiko The Unholy [N] -- Elegant Was Athena [Me] -- Legendary Was Magic [W/R: Pre]