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Name: Matthew Edmund
Location: Michigan, USA
Age: 21
Profession: Student / Web Designer

Guild Wars[edit]

IGN: Anastasia Telnov

Guild Wars Experience[edit]

Active Playing Time: 18 months
Hours Logged To Date: 4,107 hrs (as of Sept 15 2007)


Elementalist (20) Anastasia Telnov
Ranger (20) Abigail Morningstar
Warrior (20) Storm Artifact
Mesmer (20) Aulani Mirage
Monk (20) Bianca Raphaela
Assassin (20) Templum Sententia
Ritual (20) The Lord Heals
Paragon (20) Archangel Ananias
Dervish (20) Matthew Chase
Necromancer (14) Tears In A Bottle


Clan/Guild: Christian Expeditionary Force
Postion: Clan Leader