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Greetings, programs!


My name is Matthew Medina, and I have just transitioned to being one of the content designers on Guild Wars 2. I'm one of the old dogs around here, having the distinction of being a part of the GW craziness since early 2003, and a 10+ year career at various other companies in the Seattle area before that.

My Current Tasklist[edit]

Spawning monsters, NPC's and creating (hopefully) fun things for players to do!


  • I am married, with a 5 and a half year old son. My wife is a gamer as well, who has finished Prophecies and got halfway through Nightfall with me. My son is a gamer-in-the-making as he likes to watch me "squish the bad guys".
  • I am addicted to spicy chicken teriyaki.
  • I always play female avatars.
  • I started in the game industry as a QA tester, and my first art job was to convert backgrounds to 16 color palettes for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.
  • The 7th Guest was the game that inspired me to get into the industry - I saw those 3D graphics and knew immediately that I wanted to do that.
  • I am an atheist in a family of devout Roman Catholics.
  • I fight against breast cancer and leukemia wherever and however I can, in memory of my mother.
  • I am always in flip flops, or preferably barefoot, year round.

My characters on Live[edit]

I don't really play one particular class more than any other, although if I had to choose the most satisfying character of mine so far, it would have to be my Dervish because of her excellent animations and the multi-hit scythe attacks.

  • Matthew Medina - My Tank
  • Barefoot Contessa - Mesmer\Ranger
  • Barefoot Devotee - All Scythe Dervish
  • Barefoot Curate - Healing Monk
  • Barefoot Elemental - Nuker Elly
  • Barefoot Paladin - Paragon
  • Elspeth Roiann - Ranger
  • Raina Roiann - Warrior

Contacting Me[edit]

I'm not quite as active on the wiki as some of the devs, but I will do my best to try and check in whenever possible.