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About Memory Or Fantasy

Hia. Testing 123.
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A Little Intro...

I've just started editing my pages, I like things simple, clean and minimalistic.
And I apologise for not clicking the minor edit button until now; I'm a slow learner.

Uhm; my name is Christina, Stina/Stinya for short. I've been playing GW on and off for 4 and a half years.
I play monk primarily; PvP/PvE. I'm currently R4 Hero and R2 on my GWAMMM title.
I've been in the mega-alliance [KISS] for around 2 years and thoroughly enjoy my gameplay with the alliance. People underestimate our guilds because we recruit without discrimination and take almost anyone. What people don't seem to realise is that there is a slightly smaller more select group within the alliance that choose to use our ventrilo. It is probably the one of the busiest gaming vents I have ever seen; It is there I find I have found the best online community to enhance my gaming experience.