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Guild Wars Synopsis[edit]

My name Merlin originates from my first and main character ingame: Merlin of Magic(E/all). The majority of my other characters have merlin in use in their name.


  • Merlin of Magic (Elementalist) PvE Lvl 20
  • Merlin Invincibility (Monk) PvE Lvl 20
  • Defeater of Casters (Mesmer) PvE Lvl 20
  • Spearmarshal of All (Paragon) PvE Lvl 8
  • Invincible Merlin (Dervish) PvE Lvl 3
  • Merlin the Avenger (Necromancer) PvE Lvl 3
  • The Great Protector (Monk) PvE Lvl 20
  • Protector of Americ (Monk) PvP Lvl 20

Current Obtained Titles[edit]

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