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Account INFO[edit]

Male, born 1988.
Started playing March of 2007.
Started off playing faction. Then bought EOTN a few week after it came out, then bought the other 2 games shortly after. Plan on buying GW2 when i is released.
Use 10 pve Character, one of each profession, and 3-4 PVP character for testing out new builds, or to gain Alliance faction through AB or fort aspenwood.
Am a kurzick by nature :), who doesn't like gothic stuff.

My Characters PVE[edit]

User Metal Sazz Sin.jpg METAL SAZZ

My assasin that i had named this account after, my first character i made.
He's got ranger secondary with a pet tiger named dagger.
Vabbian armor is his elite armor, and he has a wide range of different dagger and bows ranging from greens to purple, and are used for
different build, and his builds he uses are customed maded.
He has 2 maxed titles atm, a grandmaster cartographer of cantha and the protector of cantha. he has beaten Proph, Faction and Nightfall
and working on EOTN.
He one of many characters i play right now. more will follow at a later date--Metal Sazz 01:07, 2 May 2008 (UTC)