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In Guild Wars, you can find weapons, like the Fiery Dragon Sword, that clearly belong to one element, though they work off of Swordsmanship. My idea is: why not make that Fiery Dragon Sword a Duel Class Weapon, so it belongs to both Fire Mastery and Swordsmanship. The weapon would look something like this:

Fiery Dragon Sword Fire Damage: 15-22 (requires 9 Swordsmanship) Fire Damage: 15-22 (requires 9 Fire Mastery) Fire Damage: 18-22 (requires 9 Swordsmanship AND 9 Fire Mastery)

This would enable an Elementalist to attack effectively up close, opening up new options to them, and it would reward E/W or W/E with a slightly higher damage output for using a duel class weapon. Note that max damage wasn't changed, just the chance of getting it

Why it would work: - higher investment of points for the larger amount of damage. - more options is always a plus. - who hasnt wanted to put a firey sword on a fire elementalist? Why it would NOT work: - you would have to make Duel Class Weapons for every attribute, which means alot of weapons would have to be created. - higher damage output *could* be seen as "unfair"

as another note: please add in 2 handed axes and swords, and a 1 handed hammer.