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Inventory Screen, Identification Kits, Mini-Pets, Lockpicks, and Salvage Kits Ideas[edit]

  1. Create a special place inside the Inventory Box for each of these items. They shouldn't take up inventory space.
    1. Make Identification and Salvage kits (of the same type) stackable, like lockpicks. The kit on top would remain on top until consumed.
  2. Create separate drop down menus for the Identification and Salvage kits, like the Weapon Sets.
    1. This would be used to allow you to set your preferences to how you use your kits.
    2. You could chose to use your Identification Kit to ID all Gold items in your inventory. All Gold and Purple, or all unidentified items currently in your inventory. So that with ONE CLICK, you could Identify what you needed to, without having to CLICK on ID Kit, rummage through inventory to find the one item you needed to ID.
    3. No list on what the item ID'd to on multiple ID's as you wouldn't make sense of the scroll anyways.
    4. Similar function could be added to Salvage Kits. Options being to salvage for Runes/Insignias. And which to Salvage first.
    5. Salvaging for materials should always be manual.
    6. Fix the bug that allows you to use Identification Kits on white items to increase their value at merchant.
  3. Mini-Pets, if placed in the box in your inventory, will always be out. If you want to carry around more than one pet, you can place additional ones in your regular inventory, and activate as normal.
  4. Successful or Unsuccessful salvage attempts should count towards Lucky/Unlucky title track.
    1. 1 point for Lucky if armor pieces do not break when salvaging runes or insignia. Equal 1 point Unlucky if they do.

Merchant Suggestions[edit]

  1. Allow the Weaponsmith to buy and sell Weapon Mods/inscriptions, in the same way the Material Trader works.
  2. Allow the Weaponsmith to uncustomize a weapon so that it can be traded or sold to another player for a fee.
    1. We've all had a weapon we thought we'd use forever, then found another we liked better, but are stuck with the customized weapon for all eternity.
  3. Currently, the Weaponsmith is the most underused NPC in the game. These would make him more desired to have in Guild Halls.

Guild Hall Suggestions[edit]

  1. Allow Guild Halls to be more customized. Each should have it's own set of weapons and traps, but they shouldn't be free.
    1. Some chose a Guild Hall because of it's look and feel, and don't want the Miasma.
    2. Others chose a Guild Hall for it's Strategic Values, and would want Miasma. Or not want it.
    3. Some choice should be available to add features to the map. For a fee of course.

Random Arenas and Team Arenas[edit]

  1. Those participating in Random Arenas should only fight others from Random Arena. You should never encounter a Team Arena team.
    1. The queue that you are placed in when you click 'Enter Battle' should not be First In/First Out.
    2. You shouldn't be able to 'synch' your way into a match with friends or guildies in Random Arena.
    3. The queue should pick Oldest/Newest/Middle/Oldest. This elminates synching.
  2. Those participating in Team Arenas should only fight others from Team Arena. They should never encounter someone from Random Arenas.
    1. When you go to Hero's Ascent, you never encounter a team who started in their guild hall for a GVG, so why would you put Random Arena vs Team Arena teams? It makes no sense.