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This is the user page of MTEW / Max 2.

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Other Interests[edit]

The following material has practically NOTHING to do with Guild Wars. I mention it here only to remind myself and others that there thing other than the game.


I find the way Gödel's Incompleteness theorem is used very distasteful. First, it is based in Binary Aristotelian logic where it should use Kleene's Strong Three Valued logic (KS3VL). KS3VL can handle non-sense properly where Aristotelian logic simply throws up it's hands in despair. Second, it uses self reference to establish a contradiction as if the existence of a contradiction was a fatal flaw in a mathematical system. When contradictions are properly labeled, their consequences can be avoided. The key to identifying contradictory self-reference is the proper enumeration of the possible contexts for the self-reference.


A great deal is made of singularities in physical theories. Not just the singularities due to coordinate systems, like the one at radius zero in a polar coordinate system, but basic problems with the concepts themselves. The most notorious of these are the 'Big Bang' and 'Black Holes'. Not surprisingly both of these arise from the same basic mistake: The assumption that the 'speed of light' is the same everywhere. The problem is that this is not QUITE correct. Properly, the 'speed of light' when measured locally is the same everywhere. Watching the measurement of the speed of light done elsewhere makes it clear that the 'speed of light' can vary from place to place. This has profound implications about the structure of space and time. In particular, it changes the timing associated with the 'formation' of 'black holes'.

About Me[edit]

I am not a 'conformist'; I do not do things just because everybody else does. I am not a 'non-conformist'; I do not do thing just to be different from everybody else. I will listen to advice but I will evaluate that advice in terms of what I want to accomplish. I consider advice of the form 'people don't like it when you do that' to be threats unless there is an explanation of why my activity is actually causing a problem. I do not consider simply making people uncomfortable or distracting them as valid reasons for ceasing an activity. After all, I have to put up with other peoples actions that make me uncomfortable and distract me.

I am basically a 'why not' person. I am willing to tackle most activities unless I find a reason not to do so. This has the effect of scattering my efforts on many activities, and results in my apparently not following through on things. While my lack of 'follow through' is a problem for both myself and others, it is not a compulsive problem. I can, when it serves me, finish a project. What is less easy to see is the fact that difficult problems do not cause me to give up. If I run into a road-block. I hunt for alternate ways to accomplish my ends, sometimes frenetically. If I catch myself doing this, I have learned to stop and think about the problem. The only thing that stops me working on a problem is for another problem to come along.

Recent events (2010 Feb)[edit]


  • I found a way around a problem that left my operating system wedged at a five year old version. Getting the various software updates up and running took all my spare time until mid-October.

Major disaster

  • My Evil step-mother orderd us out of the house me, my wife and two grown daughters were living in.
  • We had to move to a much smaller living space. Much was lost in the move.
  • My internet connection became inoperable and, when restored, slower. I'm still having network issues.
  • My father died.
  • My anti-depression meds are not enough to cope. I am still very depressed.