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Personal ideas for Guild Wars 2

Miniatures with a purpose.

I found the miniatures in Guild Wars to be rather pointless. They did nothing to help your character or effect gameplay. For Guild Wars 2, I would like to see miniatures serve a purpose. For example, they could pick up gold and/or items that monsters have dropped so that you don't have to. Some could even convert items into gold so you wouldn't have to make frequent trips back to town to sell your loot. A dragon miniature could smelt metal items into coins, as an example.

2 new playable races, Angchu Tengu and Leonine Centaurs.

In Guild Wars I enjoyed having a Tengu as a henchman and a Centaur as a hero. I would like to see them made into player races in Guild Wars 2. I know that they have already stated that when the game is first released there will be only five player races, so I suggest that these two are added later, when the players are granted access to the continents of Cantha and Elona. The Tengu can be added when Cantha is added to the game. Similarly, the Centaurs will be unlocked when Elona is added to the game. This will give new players an added incentive to join the game as well is giving veteran players a chance to experiment with a new character.

Map-travel and Asura Gates.

I love being able to use map-travel in Guild Wars. However, being able to cross the entire map in one second without an explanation as to how it was done may be a little unacceptable to players looking for a true role-playing experience. To explain to the player how map-travel works in the game world try linking it to the Asura Gate Network. The player could carry an item that gives them the ability to teleport to Asura Gates, located in Cities and outposts. This would give map-travel an explanation which would make sense within the game world.