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About Me She Turned White

Name: R Tillie.
Age: 29 years and 116 days, 8-23-1990.
Gender: Male.
Talents: Can do something with very little breaks. Start up a conversation with anyone .
Education: 1 Year of University
University Goal: To major in Law with a minor in human Pyschology

Favorite Games: Guild Wars, Halo Series, Call Of Duty, Assassin's Creed 1 and 2, SpiderMan, Red Alerts/both universes, Starcraft 1 and 2
Consoles Owned: Xbox 360.

Xbox Live name: Ocren

Favorite Genres: Sci-fi, Fantasy.
Favorite Books: Eagon Series, DragonLance books, Harry Potter (sadly)
Favorite Movies: Avatar, Batman movies, Spiderman Movies.
Favorite Animes: Avatar The Last Airbender, and most Japanese animation.
Favorite Bands: Sadly I don't listen to much Music, But that is HOPEFULLY changing.
Favorite Animals: Western Dragons, Siberian Tigers.

Alter Ego: Ocren, Archangel of Death
Species: N/A

My personal quotes
  • The Simplest things can mean the most
  • Walk softly, and carry a big gun
  • Normality is the same as Insanity, just depends on the definition of normal... or Sanity
  • Trust, the Fifth Myth of Reality, for every truth, holds a seed of betrayal
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She turned white deathly white, as I held her in my arms, wondering why her, why now?
As I started to wonder these questions I fell full of despair, I was unable to move, for my strength was taken from me by the immortal gods.
I stayed sitting there, as it started to rain, slow and steady, until it the speed started to pick up.
As I looked upon her lifeless face and limp body in my arms, I heard a noise in the distance, starting to get louder and louder while I sat there, unable to move.
Then before they came into sight my strength came back to me. I started to stand, slowly but quickly, for she was in my arms. Standing up the noise became a shot, as they saw me with the body, a life that they had taken, in my arms. I then threw her over my shoulder and started to run, running like I never have before.
I was being pursued, by the cruel people who had taken from me life as they yelled and screamed behind me. I ran until I collapsed on the pavement in front of the police station, crying out as the gang came to kill me. Just as they came, someone came out. A Woman, about 25 years of age, stepped outside and saw the scene.
Noticing the gang and myself covering what seemed to have been a body. She tried to turn and open the door to get help, until she was taken into an ally by some of the gang. As for me, I crouched over her body until they came to get her, going into a rage to fight them off. They were scared over my fury that was, until one of them stabbed me in the side, I fell over their first victim; the streets grew busy, as they ran into the darkness, letting the rain wash the streets of all the blood.
I wrote this short story many years ago, don't remember why but I did. I might post more in due time

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