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Guild Wars[edit]

Guild Bank[edit]

Something that I think that they should add to the Guild system in Guild Wars is a Guild bank system. Give guild members a place to put things that they don't need, yet someone else might.

Guild Services[edit]

Something else that I think that they should add is a system that when you purchase something from one of the services in the Guild Hall (merchant, skill trainer, etc.) that a percentage of the money you pay should be deposited into the guild bank (see above). This would give guilds more of an incentive to fill their guild halls with all of the services available to them.

Another thing, I think that new services should be added to be available to the guild hall. These additional services are:

  • Weapon Upgrade Trader
    • To buy/sell weapons upgrades that have been unlocked by the player via discovery (similar to the system used for runes and insignias).
  • Consumables Trader
    • To buy/sell consumables that have been unlocked by the player via purchase at other consumable traders. Basically, you have to buy the consumable somewhere else in order for it to be available for purchase here.

These additional traders will only be available within guild halls thus making it more important for players to join a guild. This would help to drive home the theme of working together with others.

Guild Wars 2[edit]

Auction House[edit]

A great feature that should be considered for Guild Wars 2 is an Auction House system. The current system in Guild Wars using the trade channel in chat has become, in my opinion, to over used. With an Auction House, it would clear up the chat channel and also give people a place that they can go and see what is available for sale regardless of location.

Mail System[edit]

One thing that I think is greatly missing in Guild Wars is a mail system. Basically, you have a friend that you desperately need to talk to and only know how to contact them in-game. You log on, and they are not online. In Guild Wars, you generally have no way to get in touch with them. With a mail system, you would be able to send them a brief message that only they could see and not have to sit around for hours waiting to see if they are going to log on.

Skill Environmental Bonus[edit]

Something else I would greatly like to see in GW2 is a system where certain skills work better in certain environments. For instance, say you have a skill called Ice Trap (or something like that) and are in a desert, the skill would be less effective due to the environment, yet if you were in a frozen tundra like environment, the skill would be far more effective. This would add to the experience of build creation because it would force players to build their skill bar around the environment they were in.