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Birthday Presents becoming in GW2 an Account based soultion.

Birthday Presents should not count for every Character simple, Birthday presents should count to the Account.

Means everytime your Account reaches another year of age, then receive all your Characters on that Account a Present. It must not be called again "Birthday Present"

Lets call it for each race something different:

Humans - Divine Gift

Asuras - Technology Plans

Norn - Spiritual Gift

Sylvari - Seed of Miracles

Charr - War Supplies

Something like that maybe.

Also I think this Present System should get improved in thigns you can get:

Rewards out of the consumeable items should be:

- Minipets.

- Money (x,y or z amount).

- Coupon for a Stack of Rare Materials that you wish you.

- Coupon for an Armor Set that you wish you.

- Coupon for a Weapon that you wish you.

- Coupon for a Ranger Pet that you wish you.

That way doesn't get the market so extremely quick flooded with minipets that their values fall down so quick, because people could receive with their presents also a big amount of complete different things. Especially those Coupons would be surely a valueable thing for players which wouzld get a good and stable price in the economy of GW2 as they would help players getting directly that , what they want to have, without having to spend hours over hours in any high end elite areas hoping for getting that thing dropped that you want or having to search for a pet in a dangerous area for long time to tame it, when you can get it that way with a Coupon from a Pet Seller NPC, which normally also doesn't sell them.

(Phoenix Tears 18:41, 12 December 2010 (UTC))