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This is my nearly blank page. I decided to create an account on the wiki since I find myself frequently visiting it, and recently making contributions. I figured after about 6 or 7 to just make an account.


Hi guys. I'm that guy that runs around yelling, "I AM GLADITOR" and running Dshot and Barbed Trap on my monk. I get mad glads. gg

My current achievements thus far.

God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals. (Legendary Guardian(7), Legendary Vanquisher (4), Legendary Cartographer (4), Legendary Skill Hunter(4), Legendary Survivor, Sweet Tooth, Drunkard, Party Animal, Holy Lightbringer, Agent, Norn, Deldrimor, Asuran, Master of the North, and Legendary Spearmarshal)

Terrifying Gladiator(5), Skillz(1), Hero(1), Commander(1) for PvP titles