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Psychiatric Consultant[edit]

Hello. I will continue to edit this page over the next couple of years so hopefully it will take on some semblance of a user pag.

Got Banned from PvX cause my brother made it look like I was socking....[edit]

So I'm back. Not that anyone cares. Also, disregard any previous edits I made....I am a better player now then I was back then. No more defending retarded gimmicks heh, heh.

Henchmen Contest[edit]

Arenanet sucks, terribly. Why can't anyone there be remotely competent. I mean is that to much to ask, one REMOTELY competent person? I mean c'mon FRENZY ON A HENCHMAN. Why don't I just surrender now. Not to mention song of concentration and make haste.....I mean WTH?? It's like they cut and pasted player bars from PvX. If they are going to take bars from PvX they could at least do us a favor and take them from the HEROES section. Why couldn't they just remove heroes and leave it at that. Instead they proved that they know less about Guild Wars then my parents.Psychiatric Consultant Shadowsong.jpg 19:05, 7 October 2009 (UTC)