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Gerrith, my Beastmaster with his two animal companions.

+ Presence on GWW[edit]

I joined this wiki in dreams of bringing forth useful and aesthetically pleasing contributions.

+ Goals[edit]

  • It would be ideal to replace bad NPC / Monster images
  • In addition, if anyone would like one of their characters styled/edited/illustrated as I did mine, feel free to ask.
+ Guild Wars
Avatar of Melandru (large).jpg Guidance of Melandru
Ranger.png Path of the Ranger
Tiger's Fury.jpg Friend to Beasts
Call of Healing.jpg Spirit of the Wolf
Gift of Health.jpg Heart of a Healer
User Quiesce Sylvari.png Sylvari Graces
User Karuro Tome bundle.png Oracle of Tyrian of Lore
Top Left Map Piece.png Trailblazer of Tyria
Dragon Blast.jpg Dragon Arena Warrior
Costume Brawl disguise.jpg Costume Brawler
+ Profile
User Tender Wolf paint palette.png Envoy of the Aesthetic
"Springtime for Varesh" Script.png Delver of Tomes
User Quiesce Magic.png Sorcerer of Magic

Elements of this user page were inspired by Lensor