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I have been playing Guild Wars since a friend showed me it back in 2006. I may not be the greatest player, nor do I have any real claim to fame, but I am good at what I do and its good enough for me and my alliance.

My Chars:

Night Mare Death, my original character, a necromancer.

Darkarrow Death, my Ranger.

Shadowscythe Death (you may start seeing a common theme here) my Dervish.

Night Sin Death, he was the 2nd of the people with the last name "Death", my assassin.

Nyundo Ya Kifo, Icelandic for Hammer of Death, Hammer warrior, never wielded anything else.

Geode Bravewielder, my second oldest character, Geomancer never without his trusty Melandru Stalker, Terra.

Mortuus Caedo, don't quite remember what his name is supposed to translate to, but i think it was Latin for "Dead Killer", my Paragon.

Taivas Parantaa, Legendary Defender of Ascalon, only one of my chars to max a title, name translates from Finnish to "Heaven Cure" (gotta love google translate.)

Wyrdfell Ebrithil, spent $10 on his slot, name translates from the Eragon book series to "Master of the Forsworn" though i intend it to mean master of fate, but Wyrda sounded to girly, my Mesmer.