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Glob of Ectoplasm.png
Main account


AccountYuna The Divine
CreatedApril 2005
PlaytimeAbout 8,000 hours
AccessProphecies CE
Factions CE + Pre-order
Nightfall CE + Pre-order
EotN + Pre-order
Total faction with BalthazarAbout 4 million
Hero titleAbout 1900 fame (rank 7)
Gladiator titleAbout 1000 points (rank 4)
Titles7 (KOBD)


Tango-monk-icon-small.png Yuna The Divine (main)

Tango-elementalist-icon-small.png Promiscuous Girrl

Tango-necromancer-icon-small.png Midnight Maelstrom

Tango-mesmer-icon-small.png Mesmerizing Melody

Tango-ranger-icon-small.png Mysterious Madeline

Tango-assassin-icon-small-v1.png Boom Headstab

Tango-dervish-icon-small.png Mystic Moonlight

Tango-warrior-icon-small.png Il Il Riven Il Il

Tango-ritualist-icon-small-v1.png Beyond Xanadu

Tango-paragon-icon-small-v1.png Eternal Evenstar

Tango-ranger-icon-small.png Katinka Sey (perma pre-sear character)

Monster-faded-large.png Riven Pvpstyle (PvP slot)

Golden Flame of Balthazar.png
Second account


AccountRiven Goes Mending
CreatedOctober 2005
PlaytimeAbout 200 hours
Factions CE + Pre-order
Nightfall CE + Pre-order
EotN Pre-order
Faction with BalthazarAbout 300,000
Unlock statusAbout 40% unlocked
Hero title5 fame (no rank)
Gladiator titleAbout 15 points (no rank)


Tango-monk-icon-small.png Divinity Of Riven (main, PvP)

Tango-elementalist-icon-small.png Elements Of Riven (PvP)

Tango-necromancer-icon-small.png Unholy Riven (PvP)

Tango-mesmer-icon-small.png Mesmerizing Riven (PvP)

Tango-ranger-icon-small.png Headshot Riven (PvP)

Tango-assassin-icon-small-v1.png Ninja Riven (PvP)

Tango-warrior-icon-small.png Hack N Slash Riven (PvP)

Tango-ritualist-icon-small-v1.png Spiritual Riven (PvP)

Monster-faded-large.png Riven Pvp (PvP)

Miniature Ghostly Hero.png
About me

I'm a 24-year-old Guild Wars addict, born and raised in the Netherlands. I work as a freelance web developer and designer... if you need a job done, hit me up :)

My real name is Colin, but on the interwebs I usually go by the handle Riven.


I've been a member of Refuge From Exile since March 2006, a guild based on PvE excellence.

NameRefuge From Exile
FoundedNovember 2005
FounderRighteous Theory (aka Ubermancer)
LeaderLight Of Ra

This page last updated on May 12, 2009.