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ク貢 This user has contributed to Eloc's userbox collection.



Copyleft.png This userbox is released under the GFDL version 1.2.

User Boxes made by Seru
Game related Any-tango-icon-20.png Main Character Crate of Fireworks.png Fireworks Rollerbeetle Racer.jpg Rollerbeetle Dragon Blast.jpg Dragon Arena Brass Knuckles.png Boxing The Frog (miniature).png Miniature Fan Dead-Gwen.jpg Not Miniature Fan User Seru CE.jpg Divine Aura Miniature Bone Dragon.png Favorite Miniature Dragon Mask.png Favorite HatNew-download-thing.png Update
Wiki related Sandstorm.jpg Sandbox Vista-file-manager.png Wiki Project Vista-Ym.png Userbox Helper Policy-icon Policy.png Hates Copyright Policy-icon Policy.png Hates Policies User Seru Sig3.png Seru Fan Elocbox User Seru PAmap-G.png PA White Rabbit.png Rabbit User Lemming64 Drama4.png Drama
Seru's computer Elementalist.png Graphics G15 Keyboard G5 Mouse 3D 3DMark
All Seru's userboxes are released under the Copyleft.png GDFL version 1.2.