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GW2 : Lock Out Timer[edit]

Hello All. I think that most bosses should be instanced so that those who haven't experienced the boss aren't held back by those who have completed the boss already. I think there should still be a few bosses (that are tough), that when they die, other events are launched in this persistant world and you can't attack them for awhile.

But many of the bosses (at least smaller ones) should have a lock out timer. It works like this
- Player and 4 friends go to defeat 'mighty bad guy'
- They win, then leave the instance
- Player wants to greedily camp the boss for a rare item since he didn't get it in last instance
- Since player has already defeated 'mighty bad guy', a message comes up when he attempts to enter, "You've defeated our 'Mighty Bad Guy', just go away!" and kicks Player away from the door. It stays like this for anywhere from a day to longer.

This can be helpful in quite a few ways as far as players who may be unbalancing the markets and those who camp bosses as well as their loot.

This also helps those who keep sticking around one place to go and venture.

--Silenced 02:11, 28 July 2009 (UTC)