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In-Game History[edit]

Forbidden Blades I[edit]

Zealot V's Reign[edit]

I began my Guild Wars account with a free pass into the "Forbidden Blades I [FB]" guild. This was because I knew three of the members, including the leader (Zealot V). We were already allied with the Kurzicks. However, I was the one to give one of the officers the idea to have the guild join an alliance! We joined the "Ethereal Demise" alliance. However, this was not to last…

Exile's Reign[edit]

Eventually, Exile (I forgot the full char name) overthrew Zealot V. This caused several of us to defect from the guild. One of us, the one who led the rebellion, formed our current guild: the "Flames of Rebellion [PWN]."


During my time in this guild, I only made two of my current nine characters. I also didn't get very far in any of the campaigns; I only had Prophecies and Factions at this time.

Flames of Rebellion[edit]

Aka Ju's Reign[edit]

Once again, just months after starting the game, I was with out a guild. However, like when I first began, it lasted less than twenty-four hours. I once again had a free pass into a guild. The same people I knew before [FB] were the people in this guild. We have since allied with the Kurzicks and joined the "Ethereal Demise" alliance.

Since entering this guild, and expanding my access to the world of Tyria, I have added several characters. I also deleted some and made remakes of them. I also made several characters that only last a day or two.

The founder and original leader, Aka Ju, was unable to get on for several months, and was automatically replaced by the servers, which chose Buddhist Bob I, the first to enter the guild after its founding.

Buddhist Bob I's Reign[edit]

Not much occured during Bob's reign; most the members were inactive due to school overload. However, a little before school got out, people were staring to get back on. The guild's primary players (Zealot V, Buddhist Bob I, and me) agreed to switch the guild to the Luxons, seeing as the Alliance Battles were constantly on Kurzick maps. As I was the only member who had been to Cavalon, Bob gave up the leadership.

My Reign[edit]

I started my reign by switching the guild to the Luxons. Since then, the guild has been using a Socialistic method of slowly building up the Guild Hall. So far, nothing has happened to make anyone want me removed from the leadership position.


I have made multiple characters, several of them not lasting very long. However, my current char set will be permanent as far as I can see. Also during this time, I acquired Eye of the North and Nightfall.