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I'm a long-time GW player, and I play GW exclusively. I've had some experience with other games (City of Heroes, WoW), but I've always stuck with GW because it was just better, more elegant and more enjoyable to play. I am here at GW Wiki mainly to try to convince the Devs to make GW2 a natural extension of and improvement on its predecessor instead of including the lame parts of other MMOs that kept me loyal to GW all these years. In other words, I want them to make a game I would buy. Here are some characteristics that I feel an ideal game possesses:

o Victory should be determined by situational awareness, skill and tactics. Success or failure should not be dependent on build, items or abstract character statistics.
o A game should be simple at first glance but nuanced if studied closely. It should be easy to learn but difficult to master.
o Players should watch the battle, not the interface. Effects should be visual and give a clue to their function and area of effect.
o Keep it simple, stupid: If it can be eliminated without affecting gameplay feel or balance, it probably should be.
o You should be able to use the character build you want to play from the beginning of the game.
o You should not have to wait long to be able to implement a new idea if one occurs to you at any point in the game, or to change an existing one if it is not working out quite like you'd hoped.
o Character build choices should affect gameplay experience, not character viability. Characters may shine in different situations, but none should be better or worse overall than any other.
o The best games do not penalize you for building a thematic character.
o Every aspect of the game should contribute to believability, including environmental interaction, game mechanics, character dialogue, character movement and overall aesthetics. Details matter.
o NPCs should notice stuff, like if your character is charr or human, noble or commoner and what your character has done.
o You should have the ability to choose an agenda and take actions that advance it, and have enough power to make a difference.

Here are some links to other suggestions I like:

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Check out the discussions of the above links; some of the ideas are really good. And of course, the fact that I like my own suggestions and discussion points goes without saying!

Oh, and for me: Feedback User Page

--Silverdawn 01:30, 27 January 2011 (UTC)