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Hi everybody![edit]

Hi, Doctor Nick! Sorry. Yep, so far so... blank. Have at it! I'ma go... do various... things... that need not concern any of yoooouuu... right then!--Sinsgo QQ 14:23, 9 July 2008 (UTC)

OK... so since apparently... alright, I still don't understand it, but my Buff/Nerf suggestions were set to be deleted on the Anet Suggestions Thread... page thing. Anywho, I'ma just repost them here since I desperately just want to get this out there:

Scythes: Slashing Damage reduced to (10-18)-35.

I feel that a hammer is damage enough for scythes.

Wounding Strike: (PvP change) Inflict bleeding without enchantment. Inflict Deep Wound with enchantment.

At least the original version isn't overpowered... and if this was changed back to the original set-up, I could almost say that scythe damage is fine... ALMOST.

Word of Healing: (PVP change) Same level of healing (target only other allies)

Time to get rid of those monks who run five steps, cast Word of Healing, rinse and repeat for invulnerability. They've got enough easy accessibly stances to ward off melee, and if that's not enough, plenty of blind spam skills from other party memebers to remove melee from the game.

Signet of Midnight: (PvP change) Same energy cost and activation time. Reduce length to 10 seconds. Increase recharge to 20-25 seconds.

A little more fair to melee. Honestly, unless it gets interrupted, they'll still pretty much get the instant recast ability thanks to Mantra of Signets.

All Shadow Steps: Remove aftercast time delay/Reduce aftercast time delay to 1/4 second

Seriously... 3/4 seconds is just uncalled for. Assassins shouldn't need to try to fit a speed buff into a cramped skill bar in order to make up for this nerf. They can hardly fit basic damage into it anymore without sacrificing EVERYTHING in all fields except spike capacity due to all the nerfs.

Escape: (PvP change) Same length duration and recharge. Increase energy cost to 10 energy.

Just a little more energy pressure for those Escape Scythers. It's not a whole lot either way because they just invest all the extra attribute points into expertise anyway. Sinsgo QQ 21:57, 15 July 2008 (UTC)