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I'm a GW player (obviously) with the Xen of Onslaught guild. I'm also around on the Guild Wars 2 Guru forums as "Sirius". I am from New Zealand, but am currently based in Bellevue for work. (Yes, near ArenaNet; no, I don't work for them.)

I can also be found in the Descent community, where I'm probably best-known for the levels I've built over the years. I also still play it, though -- I welcome challenges any time. :) Also been involved with tabletop RPGs (D&D, Anima, L5R) via IRC and similar mediums.

Most commonly-used Guild Wars characters are the following, if you feel like tracking me down:

  • Artemis Hazen (Dervish; usual character)
  • Isaac Devalis (Warrior)
  • Ari Raven (Monk)

Oh, and XoO is always recruiting. :) Click the XoO link above and sign up if you're interested, for either GW1 or GW2.