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Behind the Sister[edit]

Hey, Hey everyone!! Sister Creepy here and you are listening to "Gettin Freaky With Sister Creepy". I'm one of the Gaming World Entertainment Networks newer dj's. The "Creepy Crewe" and I throw parties and play great music three times a week at different locations in Guild Wars. Please check the dj schedule at to see where we are going to be. Come by and say hello. I'd love to see you there.

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Guild Wars [edit]

Exactly the same as the about you section but focus on guildwars....what characters you play....which is you long you have been playing etc

= Guild Eternal Clarity crest.pngEternal Clarity [ANKH][edit]

Filling out this part of the page will be the easiest! My Guild is totally awesome!!

Contact information[edit]

You can contact me through my talk page page or message Sister Creepy in game.

For more information on being part of the Creepy Crew see here.

you could also add facebook or email but i wouldnt unless you have one dedicated to sis there are a lot of wierdo's out there what you could do is make a sister creepy hotmail for people to contact or just delete theese 2 lines and leave only wiki and game contacts

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