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A few suggestions I have come up with


Keep all 4 weapon sets enabled by default. Have the ability when saving equipment templates to save all 4 weapon sets in the same template.

PvP Characters[edit]

Make it easier to re-roll primary professions without having to delete character. Maybe by changing it the same way you change secondary profession (with rules of when you can do it of course). Maybe you cannot be in a party and have to talk to a priest of Balthazar or something of that matter.


Similar to how the guild and alliance members' tags show up when viewing in game, I would suggest that friends and ignored be marked by some sort of color differentiation when in game.

Targeting/In Game View[edit]

This might be a personal preference but I feel like I need to have the ability to zoom out farther. The screen gets cluttered up by all the interface and you lose some of the viewing area. A little bit more range in the zoom out would be delightful (especially for protting).